EJ Stainless & Mild Steel Solution was founded in 2006. The founder Eddie Swart,
Boilermaker with 25 years experience of manufacturing in the food industry,
based the business in Heilbron and is making use of a 1200m2 facility.
With a Guillotine, bending brake, roller, seam welder and a working force of
25 motivated staff, we are able to deliver a quality product.

To keep our customers happy at all times we concentrate on:
Keeping the time between the enquiry date and the quote date
as short as possible.
Making sure the manufacturing process is of the highest standards throughout
the project.
Making sure that the traditional old school manufacturing procedures
and methods are learned and adhered to by our employees.
Planning right from the beginning of a project.
Creating long term relationships with our clients.
Delivering a quality product on time.